Established in 1966

"A child-centered environment where your child's growing experience will be an exciting adventure"

General Information

1210 S.W. 78 Ct.
Miami, Fl 33144
Phone: 305-264-2345 - Fax: 305-264-6162

Arrowhead nursery and Kindergarten is the best Center that will assist your child in developing his or her intelligence and creativity. Located en South Miami this center has been serving children for 38 years and has obtained excellent results in the assessment of the Department of Children and Family.

Philosophy- To provide a safe, nurturing, stimulating child-centered environment, where your child's growing experience will be an enriching adventure.

Mission Statement- We provide developmentally appropriate early childhood education in a child-centered environment. The practices we use are recommended by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and Red Latino Americana Talento whose philosophy is shared by our staff.

MEÑIQUE Curriculum: Meñique is the name of our curriculum. Children will learn social skills, language and math development, gross and fine motor skills and be exposed to language, math, science, art, music, and physical education and cooking. They will be challenged with different activities of cutting, pasting, coloring and painting.

Tuition and Fees:

Registration Fee (non refundable) Weekly Tuition:  
5 yrs. old $180.00 $ 160.00*
4 yrs. old VPK $180.00 $ 95.00/$80.00**
3 yrs. old $180.00 $ 95.00/$100.00*
2 yrs.old $150.00 $ 100.00*  
1 yrs.old $150.00 $ 110.00*
0-12 Months $150.00 $ 120.00*

**$80.00 School Year and $95.00 on Public School Vacation.

The registration fee is due upon the beginning of the school year. This included their complete school supplies for the year.

In order to reserve a place for your child a deposit is required with your registration form. The deposit will be in the amount of first week's tuition. Deposits are non-refundable.

Registration is open at any time during the year.

Re-registration is required during the month of June for all returning students.

The annual tuition is based on a 12 month school year. Starting on August 1st the Tuition may be paid in advance the following manner:

- Semimonthly (2 payments due the 1st day and 15th day of each month)
- Monthly (12 payments due the 1st day of each month)

No deductions will be made for days, weeks or months that the student is absent from school. (Tuition must be paid in order for the student to maintain enrollment)


*Tuition is due on Mondays. If tuition is not been paid by Wednesday, a late fee of $10.00 will be added. If tuition plus late charges are not paid by the 2nd week, your child will not be accepted back in school.

School Hours:

Days and hours of operation are Monday- Friday from 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Our full times students are welcomed for drop-off at 7:00 A.M. School hours are from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
Closing time is 6:00 P.M. A late fee of $2.00 per 5 minutes after 6:00 P.M. will be charged. A logbook with your signature will be kept and late fees, if any, will be added to your weekly tuition.

tO cHILDREN pRE-k 3 AND pRE-k 4 (U.P.K.-4) classes begin promptly for children at 8:30 A.M.
Remember signature BOOK the SIGN IN/SIGN OUT EVERYDAY.

HOLIDAYS (School Year)

Arrowhead Kindergarten will be closed on the following days:

September, Monday (Labor Day)

November, Tursday and Friday (Thanksgiving)

December, Monday (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve observed)

January (New Year's Day observed)

Friday, April 14th (Good Friday) 2006

Monday, May 29th (Memorial Day) 2006

Tuesday, July 4th (Independence Day) 2006



It is our policy to maintain the health of all children and staff members by excluding anyone with a communicable disease. If your child is experiencing any symptoms of fever, irritability, vomiting, loose stools, sore throat, runny nose, and/or a rash he/she will not be able to return to school until a minimum of 24 hours free of symptoms.
If your child becomes ill while at school, you will be notified and the child will be isolated until you or a designee is able to take him/her home. Please do not bring him/her to school until the doctor releases the child to return to school.
If during school hours it is necessary for your child to take medicine (prescribed by a doctor), an Authorization for Medication form must be completed and signed at the office.
If your child is injured with an open scrape or scratch at school we will wash it with soap and water then cover it with a band-aid. An accident report will be sent home to notify you. In the case of a head bump we will apply ice and call you. If your child has a severe injury the emergency medical services will be called and a staff member will accompany your child to the hospital and wait for your arrival.
An incident form will be used to notify you of anything unusual that occur. For example, your child had a rough time cooperating with friends today or we had a fire drill that upset him/her. We hope that with this knowledge you can start a dialogue with your child so that they can relate and express their experiences with you.
Parents must provide the school with the original updated medical immunization record; this consists of the following:
Department of Children and Families Form 3040 & 680. Forms must be
Updated as necessary.


In the event of hurricane warnings or other emergencies, Arrowhead Kindergarten will dismiss and resume classes in accordance to public announcements for Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Parents will follow radio or television announcements in this regard. If emergencies or tropical storms arise during school hours, parents or authorized persons are urged to pick up their child or children immediately at school. NO student should remain on school grounds when these emergencies arise.

In the event of a civil disturbance, we will secure the building with all students and staff safely inside and be attentive to instructions from authorities via telephone, radio, or TV.


Arrival and dismissal policy has been designed to ensure the safety of students and the progress of vehicles. Please park only on the designated areas.

The center is open from 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.
A sign up sheet will be posted in the entrance of the School. Please sign in at the time you bring your child, and also at pick up time.
Parents must personally escort children to their classroom.


In guiding children's behavior we have establish firm, positive, and clear rules and enforce them consistently.
Discipline is maintained in every classroom and is the responsibility of every caregiver of the child care center's staff.

Corporal punishment, including abusive language or ridicule, is strictly prohibited.
Positive reinforcements will be utilized for appropriate and acceptable behavior.
Time out will be used to calm down children when behavior in class is inappropriate and/or unacceptable.
If the behavior still does not improve, then the teacher will call the parent and discuss the child's behavior.
If the child does not improve his behavior after discussion with the parents, we reserve the right to ask the child to leave Arrowhead Kindergarten, after a one-month period.


A positive and open communication between parents and teachers is strongly encouraged at Arrowhead Kindergarten.
Teachers will communicate with parents concerning their child's behavior through a written progress report.
If parents are requesting a conference with the teacher, they may leave a message with the director and the teacher will return the call within 24 hours. The director will ensure that the teacher responds to their request.
Parents should keep the teacher and/or director informed of anything that might affect the child's conduct during the day. (For example; family conflict, death, move, etc.)
If you will like to speak to the director, please call the office to schedule an appointment Phone number is 305 264 2345 or mail to


Children will only be released to authorized persons listed on the Enrollment Form, or via written communication with director.
Please call the office if there is any change with the day's plan. If someone new is picking up your child we will ask him or her for their drivers license. Please notify them to make sure that they have identification with them.


All students (2 yrs. and up) are required to wear a school uniform. The uniforms may be purchased at our office
Younger children should wear comfortable clothing. Please help your child gain independence by labeling all possessions. Jackets and sweaters, caps, raincoats, smocks, backpacks, etc. should be clearly marked. Smocks for painting can be made from adult's old shirts. (Tempera paints may not wash out of clothing.) In case of spills or accidents, all children need a change of clothing and underwear. You may pack this in the backpack.


Your child will need to have a backpack in which to bring papers home. Please have your child's name on the backpack and check the backpack daily for important information from your child's teacher.


The school will provide toys and equipment in sufficient quantity to allow for a variety of play and learning activities. Please do not bring toys from home unless a teacher has asked for "Show and Tell" items.


Birthdays may be celebrated at school. The parents are welcome to attend and furnish party goods and refreshments. Please see your child's teacher and Director for specific details.


Several field trips may be taken throughout the year to enhance learning, and as an extension of our thematic unit. Parents will be notified well in advance and asked to sign a permission form of all trips taken. Parents may be asked to accompany their children on field trips. We do not have any accommodations for siblings on field trips.


Please notify the school office when your child must be absent from school for any reason. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way. No refunds will be given for days that your child is not in attendance.


We are required by law to report any suspected child abuse. Physical abuse is defined as any non-accidental injury, sexual battery, financial or sexual exploitation, or injury to the intellectual or psychological capacity of a child. Neglect is defined as the failure o provides adequate food, clothing, shelter, health care, or needed supervision.


The school will provide a nutritionally balanced lunch and snacks cooked in our kitchen everyday.

Other Important Issue

We do not discriminate students or applicants on the basis of race, religion, national or ethnic origin.

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