Arrowhead Nursery and Kindergarten will have an ongoing portfolio assessment of all children during the school year.

The PORTFOLIO is a collection of samples and evidences of children's work and play. This process will document the child's progress and facilitates the instruction planning for each child.

The assessment is done by direct observation by the teacher according with child development scales; inclusive of the following areas:

Emotional development:
Observations of the child's dramatic play.
Self esteem as observed in playing habits.

Social development:
Observations of the child's interactions with other children.
Shares and respects the rights of others.

Cognitive development:
Tape recordings of a child telling a story.
Drawing, cutting and pasting.
Teacher observation of how the child responds to stories.

Physical development:
Photographs of a child on a climber.
Photographs of block structures.
Notes on games the child has successfully mastered.

Portfolio items should be dated and labeled and will be shared with parents at conferences to illustrate the child's progress in the program.

Elisabet Vizoso, M.S.
Research Director

Learning Potential Assessment,

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