Dear Parents:

In choosing our School your child has begun a journey that will take him/her places they may have never gone before! Arrowhead Kindergarten is the best center that will assist your child in developing his or her intelligence and creativity.

They will expand their social skills in role playing, learning experiences and how to get along with others. They will be exposed to MEÑIQUE Curriculum; a world of language arts, math and science. Their cultural experience will be enhanced with access to fine arts physical education and cooking activities.

For 38 year we have been providing excellent educational and social services to children from months to five years of age and we have obtained excellent results in the assessment of Department of Children and Family. Our children are today doctors, engineers, journalists and successful people in their personal and professional lives.

We are here for you and your children. We have committed ourselves to excellence in Pre-School education. If you have any comments, suggestions or are in need of any assistance concerning the educational well-being of your child, please feel free to contact us, our door is always OPEN.

From the staff of Arrowhead Nursery and Kindergarten, we welcome you and your child.


Aida Ferreiro, B.S.
Certified at
The International Center for the Enhancement
of Learning Potential in Israel.

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